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Fun & Friendly Atmosphere.

Under the direction of  a Bujinkan Senior Instructor, Bujinkan Saigen (再現) Dojo follows the spirit and feeling of our Soke, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi.  Every effort is made to create an atmosphere as close to the feeling of training in Japan. In fact, the Kanji for Saigen suggests "as it is" in Japan.  This will allow a student with Bujinkan Saigen Dojo to make the Japan training experience with Dr. Hatsumi and his Shihan a rewarding one.


Our amiable approach to a serious life study enables students to learn more easily, and fosters a camaraderie among the group. We try to maintain a relaxed atmosphere which is conducive to learning.

It has been said that while a fighter fights for himself, a warrior battles for those they love. This self-less method empowers one with confidence and integrity, and helps build the ethical foundation our society needs.

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